Join us Tuesday for Bringing finance and conservation together: the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation

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For the week of 17 July 2017

Greetings OpenChannels Community Members,

Join us Tuesday, July 25 at 1pm EDT / 10am PDT / 5pm UTC for a webinar on Bringing finance and conservation together: the Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation, presented by John Tobin-de la Puente of Cornell University.

The Coalition for Private Investment in Conservation (CPIC) was launched in September 2016 to develop new investment models and funding pipelines for conservation and sustainable development. Three of the coalition’s initial focus areas are watershed management, green infrastructure for coastal resilience, and sustainable coastal fisheries. The group is currently working on developing investment “blueprints” for these areas, i.e., models for investable deals can that produce both environmental and financial returns. Once these blueprints are ready, the coalition will serve as a hub to connect investable conservation projects with financial organizations that are able to structure deals around those projects.

For more information and to register, please visit

Thank you for being a part of the OpenChannels Community,
-Allie Brown, Nick Wehner, and the rest of the OpenChannels Team

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