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For the week of 28 January 2019

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Marine Policy has published, Stronger together: Strategies to protect local sovereignty, ecosystems, and place-based communities from the global fossil fuel trade, "In the Pacific Northwest, residents are mobilizing to prevent the coastal export of fossil fuels and protect unique ecosystems and place-based communities. This paper examines the diverse groups, largely from the Bellingham area, and how they succeeded in blocking construction of what was to be the largest coal-shipping port in North America, the Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT). Tribes, environmental organizations, faith-based groups, and other citizen groups used a multitude of approaches to prevent development, both independently and in concert. This paper reviews the various ways in which the groups collaborated and supported one another to resist the neoliberalization of the coast and support local sovereignty, unique ecosystems, and place-based communities. Groups like Power Past Coal, Protect Whatcom, and Coal-Free Bellingham fought for important and protective changes and evidenced communitywide political support, but the sovereign rights of the Lummi Nation were the legal bar to constructing the coal terminal."

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Aquaculture, Seafood, and Food Security

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Conservation Targets & Planning

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Ecosystem Services and Uses

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Fisheries and Fisheries Management

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Human Impacts on the Environment

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Local or Traditional Knowledge

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Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)

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Natural Sciences

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Tools and Data

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