A Toolkit for Managing Cultural Resources in Marine Protected Areas

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For the week of 17 June 2019 

Please Join us Tuesday, July 2, 2 pm US EDT/11 am US PDT/6 pm UTC for a webinar on A Toolkit for Managing Cultural Resources in Marine Protected Areaswith Trisha Kehau Watson of the Cultural Heritage Resource Working Group (CHRWG), Lauren Wenzel of the NOAA MPA Center and CHRWG, and Joe Schumacker of the Quinault Department of Fisheries and CHRWG.

What are cultural resources anyway? Often MPA managers are experts in natural resources management, and lack background in managing cultural resources. The Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee (MPAFAC) developed an on-line toolkit to address this need. Covering topics such as spanning legal authorities, a cultural landscape approach, planning for climate change and natural disasters, engaging stakeholders, and underwater archeology, the group’s Cultural Resources Toolkit provides invaluable insight and strategies for marine and coastal managers and MPA visitors alike. In this webinar, the Cultural Resources Working Group of the MPAFAC provide an overview of the enhanced Toolkit and discuss its role in connecting people to their heritage in special coastal places throughout the US and elsewhere. The MPAFAC provides recommendations to the US Departments of Commerce (NOAA) and Interior for the effective design, establishment, and adaptive management of US MPAs. Learn more here.

Co-sponsors: NOAA National MPA Center, OCTO (MPA News, OpenChannels), and the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by OCTO and NatureServe).

To register, visit: https://oct.to/webinar240

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Illegal fishing by foreign trawlers costs Ghana $50m a year, researchers say

An investigation by the Environmental Justice Foundation looked into illegal trawl fishing in Ghana, where the staple catch of canoe fishermen is targeted by illegal trawlers and then sold back to communities for profit. This illegal fishing is hurting fish stocks and the economy of Ghana (via The Guardian).

Palau changes ocean sanctuary plan to allow Japan fishing

After a request from Japan, Palau has altered plans for a new marine reserve and will now allow Japanese fishing boats alongside Palau fishing boats in the 20% of the reserve are that is reserved for fishing (via Phys.org).

World’s first permanent sanctuary for rescued dolphins in Greece

Rescued dolphins can now settle in for the long run at the worlds first permanent sanctuary set up by the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation. The dolphins will be in a bay on the island of Lipsi and monitored for release if possible (via NEOSKOSMOS).

The Indian Ocean’s Great Disappearing Garbage Patch

"According to a new study led by Mirjam van der Mheen, a doctoral candidate at the University of Western Australia, the Indian Ocean’s unique geography, ocean currents, and atmospheric conditions actually appear to be preventing waste from piling up in a garbage patch." (via Hakai Magazine).

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  • Arctic could face another scorching annus horribilis (via Phys.org
  • Whale Watchers Accused Of Loving Endangered Orcas To Death (via NPR)
  • Worm with eyes in head and bottom found off Shetland (via BBC News)
  • Tackling plastic pollution for communities and coral reefs in coastal Cambodia (via Phys.org)
  • Team of 633 Scuba Divers Collect 3,200 lbs of Underwater Garbage–Setting New World Record (via The Epoch Times)
  • England’s MPA network – what needs to happen next? (via Fauna & Flora International)
  • Marine protected areas can improve both human well-being and biodiversity conservation, new study finds (via UBC)
  • Marine Big Data Marker Research Report explain How the Market Will Witness Substantial Growth in the Upcoming years (via Market Research Chronicle)
  • The ocean's largest, rarest stingray revealed in new video (via National Geographic)
  • Millennials Worldwide Taking Their Climate Grievances to Court (via Our Planet Daily)
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  • Study: All South Maui beaches exceed sediment standards (via Maui News)
  • A Pending Shift in a Prominent Shipping Lane Will Be Used to Study Noise Pollution (via Hakai Magazine)
  • How Enough Floating Plastic Could Change the Sea (via Hakai Magazine)

1 new Grant and 1 new Podcast this week

  • Grant: Request for proposals for blue carbon restoration In Latin America and the Caribbean, due June 30th. (https://oct.to/OC1905)
  • OCTOPOD Podcast: MarXiv travels for Future Oceans. Raye and Nick bring you a sneak peak to what Raye will be presenting on at the IMBeR Future Oceans 2 Conference in Brest, France. (https://oct.to/OC1906)

4 new Blogs this week

39 new Literature items this week

  • Science of The Total Environment has released, Disintegration behaviour of bio-based plastics in coastal zone marine environments: A field experiment under natural conditions (US $41.95). (https://oct.to/OC1911)
  • Seafood for the Future/Aquarium of the Pacific has published, Frequently Asked Questions: Marine Aquaculture in California and the U.S. (Freely Available). (https://oct.to/OC1912)
  • Frontiers in Marine Science has published, The Need for a Code of Professional Ethics for Marine Conservation Communicators (Freely Available). (https://oct.to/OC1913)
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16 new Jobs this week

  • Apply to be the Monitoring Network Coordinator for the Puget Sound Partnership in Tacoma, Washington (https://oct.to/OC1914)
  • Work as the Science Director for the California Ocean Science Trust in Sacramento (https://oct.to/OC1915)
  • Be the voice of Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance as their Communications Coordinator in Massachusetts (https://oct.to/OC1916)
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