Management and evolution give hope to coral reefs facing the effects of climate change

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For the week of 22 July 2019

Please join us Thursday, August 1, for a webinar on Management and evolution give hope to coral reefs facing the effects of climate change with Madhavi Colton of the Coral Reef Alliance and Tim Walsworth of Utah State University.

Description: A new study just published in Nature Climate Change shows that management that takes evolution and adaptation into account can help rescue coral reefs from the effects of climate change. The results indicate that managing reefs to facilitate evolution today and in the future can enhance their prospects for long-term survival. Key to successful evolution is management that improves local conditions for reefs by effectively reducing local stressors, such as overfishing and water pollution. Contrary to approaches that are popular today, such as focusing protection on reefs in cooler water, the study shows that protecting diverse reef habitat types across a spectrum of ocean conditions is key to helping corals adapt to climate change. This means creating managed area networks that contain a diversity of coral types and habitats and that effectively reduce local stressors. You can read the paper online at or download it at

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Scientists discovered a new species of tiny sharks that glow in the dark

Found within the Gulf of Mexico this brand new species is only the second ever pocket shark to be discovered, making it a very rare find. Not only clocking in at a teeny 5 1/2 inches the pocket shark is also bioluminescent (via Fox 17).

Costa Rica to completely ban polystyrene due to environmental impact

Polystyrene or styrofoam is a highly toxic easily broken down material. The president of Costa Rica has called the ban necessary to enact change not only “in our minds but also in our actions.” Good work! (via the Independent).

Protect ocean against 'irreversible' changes: Experts call for eight urgent measures

We have less than 10 years until we are faced with an ecological disaster that will completely change our planet. Convening experts have come up with eights measures that could save us (via

So Much of the Arctic Is on Fire, You Can See It From Space

Over 100 fires blaze throughout the Arctic causing such extreme smoke that it is visible from space. Fires continue to rage in northern Russia and Alaska (via Live Science).

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