EcoCast: A dynamic ocean management tool to reduce bycatch and support sustainable fisheries

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For the week of 12 August 2019

Please join us Thursday, October 31, 1 pm US EDT/10 am PDT/5 pm UTC for a webinar on EcoCast: A dynamic ocean management tool to reduce bycatch and support sustainable fisheries with Elliott Hazen and Heather Welch of NOAA and the University of California Santa Cruz.

Description: Dynamic ocean management (DOM) is emerging as a solution to the challenge of spatially managing species and human activities that are dynamic in space and time. DOM strategies use real-time data on environmental conditions to design management boundaries that rapidly adjust in response to the shifting nature of the ocean and its biodiversity. This webinar introduces the fisheries sustainability tool EcoCast and explores the process of building, validating, operationalizing, maintaining, and forecasting with a dynamic ocean management tool. Join this webinar to learn about some of the challenges, solutions, and considerations of applied dynamic ocean management.

Co-sponsors: OCTO (OpenChannels, The Skimmer, MPA News) and the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by OCTO and NatureServe)

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Our long-toothed rodent friends bring sanctuary, safety, food, and nursery-like conditions for juvenile salmons allowing them to grow and thrive (via

Largest-ever study of coral communities unlocks global solution to save reefs

In a landmark new study, out by Nature Ecology and Evolution, the authors find that majority of reefs are still functioning and through protection, recovery, and transformation we could see reefs for generations (via

Large companies are some of the biggest players in marine waste. But companies love trends and contributing to marine debris is not trending (via Outside Magazine).

Ocean rubbish is building up. This artist reveals what’s out there.

One of the beautiful things about art is it's ability to touch emotion, and this art definitely does that. Science communication is difficult and words can be ignored, this art creates helps to create visibility for our ocean plastic crisis (via National Geographic).

In other News this week

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  • Going Fishing for Ghost Gear (via Hakai Magazine)
  • Editorial: A plastic bottle ban that’s so crazy it just might work (via LA Times)
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  • More than 100 years of Arctic sea ice volume reconstructed with help from historic ships’ logbooks (via
  • New York set to work with fishermen on offshore wind research (via National Fisherman)
  • The demand for luxury shellfish is polluting the ocean with plastic (via The Conversation)
  • There's a new culture divide between Trump and corporate America (via CNN)
  • Both orca babies alive, all 3 southern resident pods spotted (via Q13Fox)
  • New York Times reporter Ian Urbina on illegal fishing, human rights abuses at sea and his new book, ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ (via Oceana)
  • Tiny pieces of plastic found in Arctic snow (via National Geographic)

2 new Conferences and 1 new Podcast this week

5 new Grants this week

  • The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation. Not specific to marine conservation. Grant due November 10, 2019. (
  • The Campbell Foundation. For Chesapeake, Atlantic, and Pacific NW. (

36 new Literature items this week

  • Marine Policy has released, The deep sea: The new frontier for ecological restoration ($35.95). (
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has published, Challenges to natural and human communities from surprising ocean temperatures (Freely Available). (
  • Marine Policy has published, Access and institutions in a small-scale octopus fishery: A gendered perspective (35.95). (
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12 new Jobs this week

  • Work as a Science Intern studying Plastics for OCEANA. Job in Washington, DC. (
  • The Nature Conservancy is hiring for a Fisheries Market Analysis (contract position). (
  • Become a Research Program Manager for the Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network. Job in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (
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