Financing Coral Reef Conservation and Management

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For the week of 26 August 2019

Please join us for a webinar on Financing Coral Reef Conservation and Management: Conservation Trust Funds and Impact Investing with David Meyers of the Conservation Finance Alliance and Nicolas Pascal of Blue finance.

This webinar will be offered at two different times:

Description: Coral reefs provide enormous economic value to humanity and are gaining increasing attention from donors, philanthropists, and governments. This webinar will explore the use of Conservation Trust Funds and Impact Investing to support coral reef conservation. Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) are private, legally independent institutions that provide sustainable financing for biodiversity conservation. Impact Investing is investing in companies, organizations, and funds with the intention of generating measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Specifically, the webinar will discuss how protected area, national, and regional CTFs can raise, manage, and invest financing for coral reef conservation and restoration. The webinar will also review how impact investing can be used to manage coral reef areas through public private partnerships. This webinar is sponsored by the International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI), an informal partnership which strives to preserve coral reefs and related ecosystems around the world, as part of its collaboration with the Conservation Finance Alliance for promoting innovative financing for coral reef conservation.

Co-sponsors: OCTO (OpenChannels, The Skimmer, MPA News, EBM Tools Network) and the Reef Resilience Network


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Ascension Island, located between Brazil and west Africa will now be surrounded by 170,000 square miles of protected ocean (via National Geographic).

Turns Out Mantas Are Social

Older female mantas tend to form close-knit bonds and younger mantas seek each other out and test for lasting friendships (via Forbes)

Under recommendation from NOAA, the Makah tribe has petitioned for the allowance to hunt Eastern North Pacific gray whales, a practice last allowed in 1999 (via Peninsula Daily News).

Giant Pumice Raft Floating Toward Australia Could Help Replenish Great Barrier Reef

The giant pumice mat gathers organisms as it floats through the water and could be key to the reefs survival (via NPR).

In other News this week

  • More than just a viral video, the Salmon Cannon could be key to the species’ recovery (via Bellingham Herald)
  • Worldwide fisheries experts gather in Seattle to save wild salmon (via Islands Weekly)
  • Old nets kill marine life every year, but the Army is diving to the rescue (via Crosscut)
  • My Shark Friend on Twitter Died, Now What? (via Hakai Magazine)
  • Cuba drastically reforms fishing laws to protect coral reef, sharks and rays (via The Guardian)
  • Mako sharks get new protections from trade (via National Geographic)
  • Climate change turns Arctic into strategic, economic hotspot (via WUSA 9)
  • Giant jellyfish diver launches 'Jellywatch' survey (via BBC)
  • Chile becomes first Latin American nation to sign Norway’s anti-IUU declaration (via Undercurrent News)
  • Preserving Michigan's underwater heritage (via Press and Guide)
  • Protected marine parks no sanctuary for endangered turtles (via NST)
  • Australia pressures Unesco over impact of climate change on Great Barrier Reef (via The Guardian)
  • Are you smarter than a jellyfish? Then you should care about our oceans, an aquarium says. (via Washington Post)
  • Arctic shipwreck 'frozen in time' astounds archaeologists (via National Geographic)
  • Webinar: Announcing OceanReports: A web-based tool to inform planning and permitting in coastal and ocean waters. September 4th, 12pm US EDT. (Register Here)

1 new Archived Webinar and 1 new Podcast this week

  • Archived Webinar: Sargassum Watch from Space. Presented by Chuanmin Hu of the University of South Florida. (
  • OCTOPOD: It's a Plastic Eat Plastic World. In this episode Allie and Nick talk a lot about plastic. (

33 new Literature items this week

  • Marine Policy has released, End users’ perspective on decision support tools in marine spatial planning ($35.95). (
  • PLOS ONE has published, Characterizing the US trade in lionfishes (Freely Available). (
  • Journal of Shellfish Research has published, Shellfish Aquaculture Map Viewers: An Assessment of Design, Data, and Functions to Inform Planning and Siting in the United States ($10.00). (
  • See the rest HERE

9 new Jobs this week

  • Become a Fish Biologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Apply by September 6th. (
  • Work as a Scientist-ESA Consultation Support for Ocean Associates, Inc. (
  • The Cherokee Nation Strategic Programs is hiring for a Physical Scientist (Onboard Hydrographer). (
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