Coastal Resources Economics and Ecosystem Valuation

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Water has published, Coastal Resources Economics and Ecosystem Valuation.

Abstract: The papers in this special issue provide new insights into ongoing research to value coastal and marine ecosystem services, and offer meaningful information for policymakers and resource managers about the economic significance of coastal resources for planning, restoration, and damage assessment. Study areas encompass a broad geographic scope from the Gulf of Mexico in the United States, to the Caribbean, the European Union, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The focus of these papers ranges from theoretical perspectives on linkages between ecosystem services and resource management, to the actual integration of valuation information in coastal and marine resource policy decisions, and to the application of economic valuation methods to specific coastal and marine resource management problems. We hope readers will appreciate these new contributions to the growing literature on coastal and marine resource ecosystem services valuation.

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OA: Mosse, J. W., Hutubessy, B. G., Pailin, J. B. & Rumbouw, B. Bycatch assessment for fusilier gillnet to support ecosystem approach fisheries managementIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 339,012001 (2019).

Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and Ocean Warming

OA: Roberts, S. D., Van Ruth, P. D., Wilkinson, C., Bastianello, S. S. & Bansemer, M. S. Marine Heatwave, Harmful Algae Blooms and an Extensive Fish Kill Event During 2013 in South AustraliaFrontiers in Marine Science 6,(2019).


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Fisheries and Fisheries Management

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Human Impacts on the Environment

OA: Lilkendey, J. et al. Fresh Submarine Groundwater Discharge Augments Growth in a Reef FishFrontiers in Marine Science 6, (2019).

Invasive Species

OA: von Ammon, U. et al. Linking Environmental DNA and RNA for Improved Detection of the Marine Invasive Fanworm Sabella spallanzaniiFrontiers in Marine Science 6, (2019).

Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)

OA: Sequeira, A. Micaela Ma et alOverhauling Ocean Spatial Planning to Improve Marine Megafauna ConservationFrontiers in Marine Science 6,(2019).

Risk Assessment

OA: Narayan, S. et al. Valuing the Flood Risk Reduction Benefits of Florida’s Mangroves. (UC Santa Cruz and the Nature Conservancy, 2019).