Designing and Managing MPAs for Sharks and Rays

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For the week of 29 July 2019

Please join us Wednesday, September 4th at 10am US EST/ 7am PST/ 2pm UTC for a webinar on Designing and Managing MPAs for Sharks and Rays with Andy Cornish of WWF.

Description: Overfishing is a major threat to the world’s 1,200+ species of sharks and rays, and many elasmobranch populations are in decline. Spatial protection in combination with other forms of management is a potent but underutilized tool for protecting them. WWF and James Cook University recently produced A Practical Guide to the Effective Design and Management of MPAs for Sharks and Rays following an extensive review of the effectiveness of existing MPAs for sharks and elasmobranch movement studies. The guide covers the use of spatial protection in coastal and offshore fisheries to reduce fisheries mortality of sharks to sustainable levels and to recover depleted populations. It is targeted at fisheries managers, academics, and NGOs alike. Dr Andy Cornish, leader of WWF’s global shark program and co-author of the MPA guide, will introduce the tool and interactive case studies as well as a companion guide, the Rapid Assessment Toolkit for Sharks and Rays.

Co-sponsors: OCTO (OpenChannels, The Skimmer, MPA News) and the EBM Tools Network

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The Slimmer Skimmer: An end to harmful fisheries subsidies may be coming soon – and that could help a marine ecosystem near you

"The Slimmer Skimmer is a new feature to give a brief update on a topic critical to marine ecosystem management." (via The Skimmer).

A Philippine community that once ate giant clams now works to protect them

Giant clams are threatened, like many ocean creatures, by climate change. Rising ocean temperatures seek to extinguish these clams from an environment and a community that has grown to depend on them.  (via Mongabay).

"In this issue of The Skimmer, we feature three recent studies that highlight new (or often underrepresented) voices in ocean management processes, as well as thoughts on how these voices can be brought into decision making for marine ecosystems." (via The Skimmer).

The process involves adding oil and magnetite powder to microplastic-contaminated water. Sounds simple, right? (via The Journal).

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3 new Conferences and 10 new Grants this week

  • 2020 Summit: The National Coastal & Estuarine Conference. Ocotober 4-8, 2020. Providence, Rhode Island. (
  • FY20-21 CRCP International Coral Reef Conservation Grants and Cooperative Agreements. Deadline for LOI is October 1, 2019. (
  • Burning Foundation: Environment Grant. Deadling for LOI is August 21, 2019. (

45 new Literature items this week

  • Frontiers in Marine Science has released, Global Observational Needs and Resources for Marine Biodiversity (Freely Available). (
  • Ecological Applications has published, Herbivorous fish rise as a destructive fishing practice falls in an Indonesian marine national park (Freely Available). (
  • Frontiers in Marine Science has published, An Integrated All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System in 2030 (Freely Available). (
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13 new Jobs this week

  • Cefas is hiring for a Senior Marine Environmental Impacts Assessor. Job location: Lowestoft, UK. (
  • Become a Climate Change Correspondent for NPR! #CoolJob (
  • Work as a Fisheries Economic Specialist for the Joint Institute for Marine & Atmospheric Research in Honolulu, HI. (
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