Enhancing Climate Change Research With Open Science

For the week of 15 October 2018

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Frontiers in Environmental Science has published, Enhancing Climate Change Research With Open Science. "Climate change research aims to understand global environmental change and how it will impact nature and society. The broad scope of climate change impacts means that successful adaptation and mitigation efforts will require an unprecedented collaboration effort that unites diverse disciplines and is able to rapidly respond to evolving climate issues (IPCC, 2014). However, to achieve this aim, climate change research practices need updating: key research findings remain behind journal paywalls, and scientific progress can be impeded by low levels of reproducibility and transparency (Ellison, 2010; Morueta-Holme et al., 2018), individual data ownership (Hampton et al., 2015), and inefficient research workflows (Lowndes et al., 2017). Furthermore, the level of public interest and policy engagement on climate change issues relies on fast communication of academic research to public institutions, with the result that the societal impact of climate change studies will differ according to their public availability and exposure. Here, we argue that by adopting open science (OS) principles, scientists can advance climate change research and accelerate efforts to mitigate impacts; especially for highly vulnerable developing regions of the world where research capacity is limited. We underscore the specific benefits of OS in raising the academic and societal impact of climate change research using citation and media metrics."

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Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and Ocean Warming

OA: Tai, T. C. & Robinson, J. P. W. Enhancing Climate Change Research With Open Science. Frontiers in Environmental Science 6, (2018).

Communication and Education

Preprint: Thompson-Saud, G., Gelcich, S. & Barraza, J. Marine environmental issues in the mass media: Insights from television, newspaper and internet searches in Chile. Ocean & Coastal Management 165, 154 - 160 (2018).

Ecosystem Services and Uses

OA: Zapata, C., Puente, A., García, A., Garcia-Alba, J. & Espinoza, J. Assessment of ecosystem services of an urbanized tropical estuary with a focus on habitats and scenarios. PLOS ONE 13, e0203927 (2018).

Food for Thought

OA: Díaz-Delgado, J. et al. Pathologic findings and causes of death of stranded cetaceans in the Canary Islands (2006-2012). PLOS ONE 13, e0204444 (2018).

Human Impacts on the Environment

OA: Li, Y., Chen, H. & Lv, X. Impact of error in ocean dynamical background, on the transport of underwater spilled oil. Ocean Modelling (In Press). doi:10.1016/j.ocemod.2018.10.003

Natural Sciences

Preprint: Scrosati, R. A., & Ellrich, J. A. Positive relationship between coastal phytoplankton abundance and intertidal barnacle growth along the Nova Scotia coast. MarXiv. (2018) https://doi.org/10.31230/osf.io/5e9cs

Pollution and Marine Debris

OA: Barnes, D. K. A. et al. Marine plastics threaten giant Atlantic Marine Protected Areas. Current Biology 28, R1137 - R1138 (2018).

Soundscapes and Acoustics

OA: Freeman, S. E., Freeman, L. A., Giorli, G. & Haas, A. F. Photosynthesis by marine algae produces sound, contributing to the daytime soundscape on coral reefs. PLOS ONE 13, e0201766 (2018).