Integrating social network development into MPA management capacity building

For the week of 25 June 2018

Join us Thursday, August 9, 1 pm US EDT/10 am US PDT/5 pm UTC for a webinar on Integrating social network development into MPA management capacity building and institutionalization in the Philippines and Indonesia by Anne Nelson and Gabrielle Johnson of NOAA. 

Every MPA site, region, and capacity building program is unique in structure and content, yet all programs need to build trust and community to create a locally-relevant format and framework. To contribute to the ongoing growth of the global social network of marine protected area (MPA) practitioners, the presenters will share observations from the social MPA network building that was part of recent NOAA MPA Center International Capacity Building in the Philippines and Indonesia. These programs deliver technical capacity for effective MPA management and a participatory learning framework for participants to enhance their MPA social network to support long term implementation of gained knowledge and skills. 

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For science and security, Trump should prioritize our oceans

Based off of recent actions taken by the Trump administration, this opinion piece by Paul Gaffney II and Janis Searles Jones asks for the current American administration to review their maritime ideals because there is so much more to learn and take from the our oceans. (via The Hill)

Would you eat whale or dolphin meat after visiting a marine sanctuary?

In what most people might think of as a bizarre tactic, you can now go whale-watching in Iceland and then afterwards dine on some the very creatures you were just viewing. Love that whale? Now you can eat it too! Apart from being dangerous to eat, whaling comes fraught with environmental and moral issues. (via The Guardian)

Atlantification’ of Arctic sea tipping it towards new climate regime

We may be nearing the end of the Arctic as we ever knew it. Scientists following the warming trends of Barents Sea have discovered that it's nearing the point of going from "cold, fresh Arctic waters" to something quite different. (via Carbon Brief)

OC Blog: P-values part II: More gotchas and better alternatives.

"In the last post, I described some common misconceptions and problems with the use of null-hypothesis significance tests and P-values. In this post, I'll show more common ways that P-values are often misapplied, including how a significant result under α=0.05 can have more than a 50% chance of being wrong." (via OpenChannels)

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  • Nature retention, not just protection, crucial to maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems: Scientists via Mongabay
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  • Salmon Are Booming in Oregon’s Rogue River. Dam Removal May Be Why. via News Deeply
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31 new Literature items this week

  • Conservation Letters has published Adding the Third Dimension to Marine Conservation (
  • Marine Pollution Bulletin has released Are ocean conditions and plastic debris resulting in a ‘double whammy’ for marine birds? (
  • PLOS ONE has published An ecological framework for informing permitting decisions on scientific activities in protected areas (

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