Not all those who wander are lost

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For the week of 7 January 2019

Join us Thursday, January 31, 11 am US EST/8 am US PST/4 pm UTC for a webinar on Not all those who wander are lost – Fishers communities’ responses to shifts in the distribution and abundance of fish resources presented by Eva Papaioannou of the University of Dundee and Rebecca Selden of Rutgers University

Fish resources in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US are sensitive to the impacts of climate change, with marked shifts in species’ distribution already taking place. Fishing communities’ response strategies to change are frequently neglected within policy, compromising the effectiveness of management schemes. This presentation will describe: 1) how fishing communities in these regions are responding to changes in the abundance and distribution of major commercial species and 2) how key characteristics of the fisheries (e.g., species diversity, gear diversity, vessel mobility, quota and permitting systems, proximity to fishing grounds) and fishing communities shape their choice of response strategies (e.g., changes in fishing effort, port of landing, and target species). This presentation will draw from research on New England lobster fisheries and mid-Atlantic Bight trawl fisheries. Results from these types of studies are critical for the development of climate-ready fisheries management and community adaptation plans. 

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The Continued Boondoggle of the Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup project continues to hit snags much to the upset of founder Boyan Slat. However, for many researchers this comes as no surprise (via Deep Sea News).

What the Government Shutdown Means for Our Coasts and Ocean

A quick list of how the American government shutdown has affected our marine waters. With Trump seemingly unafraid of the consequences from a prolonged shutdown, we may only see situations worsen (via EcoWatch).

Plastic waste: floating parks made from it could unite communities to tackle pollution

The Recycled Park Project is turning marine plastics into parks. Interestingly, being based in the EU, the project is facing a roadblock from property right laws (via The Conversation).

Global warming of oceans equivalent to an atomic bomb per second

"Per second" over the past 150 years....That's a lot of atomic bombs being put into the ocean (via The Guardian).

In other News this week

  • The (ocean) physics of The Ocean Cleanup’s System 001 (via Deep Sea News)
  • Hundreds of thousands of native fish dead in second Murray-Darling incident (via The Guardian)
  • A little squid sheds light on evolution with bacteria (via
  • NIWA Scientists to head to Antarctica to research Ross Sea (via Maori Television)
  • How a Seaweed-Eating Microbe Could Help Fight Plastic Pollution (via Anthropocene)
  • Sea Shepherd vessel falls under assault by poachers in Mexico (via USA Today)

1 new Conference this week

  • XII Convención Internacional sobre Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo. 1-5, July 2019. Habana, Cuba. (

24 new Literature items this week

  • Marine Pollution Bulletin has released, Taking control of persistent solid waste pollution ($39.95) (
  • ICES Journal of Marine Science has published, Mechanisms for science to shape US living marine resource conservation policy (Freely Available) (
  • Marine and Freshwater Research has published, From research to end-users, tracing the path of ocean observations in Australia ($25) (
  • See the rest HERE

10 new Jobs this week

  • Work as a Reserve Manager/Natural Resources Administrator 2 for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. (
  • Marine science - Frontiers is search for a Journal development specialist. Must be able to work in EU (
  • Become the San Diego Chapter Policy Coordinator for Surfrider (
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