Not all those who wander are lost

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For the week of 03 December 2018

Join us Thursday, January 31, 11 am US EST/8 am US PST/4 pm UTC for a webinar on Not all those who wander are lost – Fishers communities’ responses to shifts in the distribution and abundance of fish resources with Eva Papaioannou of the University of Dundee and Rebecca Selden of Rutgers University. 

Fish resources in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US are sensitive to the impacts of climate change, with marked shifts in species’ distribution already taking place. Fishing communities’ response strategies to change are frequently neglected within policy, compromising the effectiveness of management schemes. This presentation will describe: 1) how fishing communities in these regions are responding to changes in the abundance and distribution of major commercial species and 2) how key characteristics of the fisheries (e.g., species diversity, gear diversity, vessel mobility, quota and permitting systems, proximity to fishing grounds) and fishing communities shape their choice of response strategies (e.g., changes in fishing effort, port of landing, and target species). This presentation will draw from research on New England lobster fisheries and mid-Atlantic Bight trawl fisheries. Results from these types of studies are critical for the development of climate-ready fisheries management and community adaptation plans. 

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Celebrating 20 years of Indigenous protected areas, a good news story in a week of turmoil

Recently, members of the Australian government and Indigenous Rangers went to a barbecue. The event celebrated Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) and the people who live in and manage them. Created 20 years ago, IPAs continue to serve as land and water conservation zones. This barbecue is to celebrate the stewardship of the Rangers and the land itself. (via The Guardian)

Trump administration approves seismic tests that could harm thousands of Atlantic dolphins and whales via the Washington Post

Just weeks after the climate report release, the U.S government approves a possibly ecosystem destroying measure. (via The Washington Post)

In other News this week

  • Climate change poses significant threat to nutritional benefits of oysters (via
  • Washington tribes oppose Canadian pipeline and more oil tankers in Salish Sea (via KUOW)
  • Rules Are Tightening on Scottish Salmon Aquaculture (via Hakai Magazine)
  • New DNA tool 'changes everything in marine science' (via National Geographic)
  • Deepwater corals thrive at the bottom of the ocean, but can’t escape human impacts (via The Conversation)
  • The Riddle of the Roaming Plastics (via Hakai Magazine)
  • Disappearing Arctic sea ice threatens Canada's polar bears: expert panel (via
  • Drilling in the Arctic: Questions for a Polar Bear Expert (via The New York Times)
  • New Zealand whale strandings 'linked to ocean warming' (via

2 new Conferences and 1 new Webinar this week

1 new Blog and 4 new Podcasts

33 new Literature items this week

  • Grid-Arendal has released, Communicating Ecosystem-Based Management (
  • Water has published, Stakeholder Engagement in Maritime Spatial Planning: The Efficacy of a Serious Game Approach (
  • Environment International has published, Plastics in the marine environment are reservoirs for antibiotic and metal resistance genes (

12 new Jobs this week

  • The California Ocean Protection Council is hiring for a 
    Marine Protected Areas Senior Environmental Scientist. Must be ready to work in Sacramento, CA. (
  • Apply to be a Marine Technical Advisor for the Wildlife Conservation Society, in Myanmar!  (
  • The WA Dept. of Ecology is hiring for a Marine Policy Associate. Apply by Dec. 20th! (