Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries

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For the week of 14 January 2019

Join us Thursday, February 6, 1 pm US EST/10 am US PST/6 pm UTC for a webinar on Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild-Caught Fisheries presented by Tim Fitzgerald of EDF.

Although billions of public and private dollars are invested in fisheries every year, more often than not, sustainability is neither the driver nor the intended outcome of those investment dollars. These Principles were created to help change that dynamic. Launched at the World Ocean Summit 2018, the Principles provide investors with certainty about the specific challenges and enabling conditions in wild-caught fisheries, while also generating confidence that building environmental and social sustainability into fisheries will yield a strong return on their investment. Since their release earlier this year, the Principles have garnered commitments from more than two dozen investors, project developers, philanthropies and conservation organizations, and we are eager to continue to grow this network of influential actors to help spur global sustainability for fisheries and fishing communities. The Principles cover everything from data-poor fisheries to human rights  and food security. They align with IFC Performance Standards and UN Principles of Responsible Investment and are designed to help advance at least five of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more information, you can access the Principles here:

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