A Toolkit for Managing Cultural Resources in Marine Protected Areas

For the week of 27 May 2019 

Please join us Tuesday, July 2, 2 pm US EDT/11 am US PDT/6 pm UTC for a webinar on A Toolkit for Managing Cultural Resources in Marine Protected Areas with Trisha Kehau Watson of the Cultural Heritage Resource Working Group (CHRWG), Lauren Wenzel of the NOAA MPA Center and CHRWG, and Joe Schumacker of the Quinault Department of Fisheries and CHRWG.

What are cultural resources anyway? Often MPA managers are experts in natural resources management, and lack background in managing cultural resources. The Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee (MPAFAC) developed an on-line toolkit to address this need. Covering topics such as spanning legal authorities, a cultural landscape approach, planning for climate change and natural disasters, engaging stakeholders, and underwater archeology, the group’s Cultural Resources Toolkit provides invaluable insight and strategies for marine and coastal managers and MPA visitors alike. In this webinar, the Cultural Resources Working Group of the MPAFAC provide an overview of the enhanced Toolkit and discuss its role in connecting people to their heritage in special coastal places throughout the US and elsewhere. The MPAFAC provides recommendations to the US Departments of Commerce (NOAA) and Interior for the effective design, establishment, and adaptive management of US MPAs.

Co-sponsors: NOAA National MPA Center, MPA News, and the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by OCTO and NatureServe)

To register, visit: https://oct.to/webinar237

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Thousands of seabirds starved to death in the Bering Sea — and scientists see evidence of climate change

A mass die-off of tufted puffins that began in 2016 is attributed to starvation brought on by a changing climate affecting their food supply (via The Washington Post).

A massive boost for ocean protection in South Africa

South Africa has declared 20 new and extended Marine Protected Areas, covering 50,000 square kilometers and bringing the tally of protected South African Ocean to 5% of the total (via SAAMBR).

A 50-million-year-old fossil captures a swimming school of fish

A newly analyzed fossil showing a group of 259 fish mid-swim suggests that extinct species of fish may have developed the technique of swimming in schools a long long time ago (via Science News).

Canada ratifies agreement blocking commercial fishing in the High Arctic

Canada has joined the European Union and the Russian Federation in ratifying an agreement that, once ratified by all parties, would prevent commercial fishing in the High Arctic (via Regina Leader-Post).

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  • The Concrete Jungle Has 578 Miles of Shoreline at Risk - Opinion (via The New York Times)
  • Boat Motors Speed Up Metabolism in Fish Embryos (via Hakai Magazine)
  • Sea Urchins Stress Out (via Hakai Magazine)
  • Cyprus begins lionfish cull to tackle threat to Mediterranean ecosystem (via The Guardian)
  • Over half a million corals destroyed by port of Miami dredging, study finds (via Phys.org)
  • ‘Fisheries Law Not Adequate to Address Current Realities’ (via Daily Observer)

1 new Conference and 1 new Grant this week

  • Conference: The Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference is in Vancouver, BC, Canada from April 19-22, 2020. Accepting session proposals now. (https://oct.to/OC1876)
  • Grant: The S.E.E. Initiative and SoFar are gifting grant funded underwater drones to scientists, conservationists, and individuals who apply and share their expeditions on OpenExplorer. (https://oct.to/OC1877)

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37 new Literature items this week

  • Frontiers in Marine Science has released, The Role of Stakeholders in Creating Societal Value From Coastal and Ocean Observations (Freely Available). (https://oct.to/OC1880)
  • Journal of Ocean University of China has published,
    The Rapidly Changing Arctic and Its Impact on Global Climate (US $39.95). (https://oct.to/OC1881)
  • Frontiers in Marine Science has published, Defining Small-Scale Fisheries and Examining the Role of Science in Shaping Perceptions of Who and What Counts: A Systematic Review (Freely Available). (https://oct.to/OC1882)
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10 new Jobs this week

  • Apply to be the Director of Oceans Policy for Conservation International in Virginia or New York. (https://oct.to/OC1883)
  • Work with data as an Associate Specialist or Specialist with the Benioff Ocean Initiative in Santa Barbara, California. (https://oct.to/OC1884)
  • Become a Marine Science Educator for the Marine Science Eco-Experience in the Florida Keys (https://oct.to/OC1885)
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