Unmanned Systems (UxS): Transforming How We Study and Manage the Marine Environment

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For the week of 12 November 2018

Join us Thursday, January 10, 1 pm US EST/10 am US PST/6 pm UTC for a webinar on Unmanned Systems (UxS): Transforming How We Study and Manage the Marine Environment with John McDonough of NOAA.

Unmanned Systems (UxS) are transforming how we study and manage the marine environment. This presentation will provide an overview of unmanned aerial systems, unmanned surface vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, buoyancy gliders, and remotely operated vehicles. Emphasis will be placed on their contributions to establishing and managing marine protected areas.

To register, visit: https://oct.to/Webinar209

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Scientists acknowledge key errors in study of how fast the oceans are warming

A recent Nature study found that the ocean absorbed 60% more heat per year than previously believed. In recent post-review, inaccuracies were discovered within the margin of error causing the percentage of heat in the ocean to be higher. (via The Washington Post)

Planning MPAs in an era of warming oceans: How practitioners are preparing for future ecosystem shifts

"As evidence mounts that warming oceans are already having effects on ecosystems, planners are faced with forecasting the changes the future could hold – then figuring how MPAs could account for those changes." (via MPA News)

This fish could help corals recover rather than collapse

Studies by Jonathan Pruitt of UCSB on the coral reef dwelling dusky farmerfish colonies look at the relationship between the farmerfish and coral. The studies find that as waters warm the dusky farmerfish become more aggressive and their populations increase, helping to keep coral safe from predators. (via Anthropocene)

Perspective: Twenty new MPAs for South Africa!

"On 25 October 2018, South Africa announced that the nation’s Cabinet approved 20 new marine protected areas for designation in 2019. The announcement represented the long-awaited implementation of the Operation Phakisa Oceans Economy Marine Protected Area Network." (via MPA News)

In other News this week

  • Watch the warming ocean devour Alaska’s coast in this striking time-lapse video (via The Washington Post)
  • With Humans Out of the Way, Humpbacks Are Flourishing—But So Are Orcas (via The Smithsonian)
  • Can we save the prized bluefin tuna, and its habitat, by growing it in a lab? (via The Washington Post)
  • The world’s plastic problem is bigger than the ocean (via The Conversation)
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  • Join NOAA on their CELC Network’s Aquaculture Webinar Series with Dr. Mike Rust “An ecosystem approach to marine aquaculture - are we already there?” on December 3 at 1 PM PST. (More Info Here)

1 new Podcast and 1 new Webinar this week

  • OCTOPOD Episode 17: It's a wicked world (https://oct.to/OC1617)
  • New Study Highlights Need to Tackle Fisheries and Climate Together with Steve Gaines and Chris Costello of UCSB and Merrick Burden of EDF (https://oct.to/OC1619)

1 new Conference this week

  • 4th Workshop on Trait Based Approaches to Ocean Life in Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK from 18-21 August, 2019 (https://oct.to/OC1618)

31 new Literature items this week

  • FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Circular has published, Assessment of insurance needs and opportunities in the Caribbean fisheries sector (https://oct.to/OC1620).
  • Communications Biology has published, Persistence of environmental DNA in marine systems (https://oct.to/OC1621).
  • Ocean & Coastal Management has published, Maximising community wellbeing: Assessing the threats to the benefits communities derive from the marine estate (https://oct.to/OC1622).

11 new Jobs this week

  • Become a Naturalist for the Jean-Michel Cousteau's Ambassadors of the Environment. (https://oct.to/OC1623)
  • Opening for a Fisheries Video Reviewer with the Northeast Fisheries Science Center Science in Silver Spring, MD. (https://oct.to/OC1624)
  • World Wildlife Fund: Free-Flowing Rivers is hiring a Program Officer! (https://oct.to/OC1625)