Unmanned Systems (UxS): Transforming How We Study and Manage the Marine Environment

For the week of 11 June 2018

Join us Thursday, July 12, 1 pm US EDT/10 am US PDT/5 pm UTC for a webinar on Unmanned Systems (UxS): Transforming How We Study and Manage the Marine Environment presented by John McDonough of NOAA. 

Unmanned Systems (UxS) are transforming how we study and manage the marine environment. This presentation will provide an overview of unmanned aerial systems, unmanned surface vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, buoyancy gliders, and remotely operated vehicles. Emphasis will be placed on their contributions to establishing and managing marine protected areas. 

To register, visit: https://oct.to/Webinar183

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The Skimmer: The effects of climate change on ocean ecosystems, Part 1: New research and insights on how weather and climate extremes are impacting the ocean

"We know that extreme weather events (such as marine heatwaves) and other climate change-associated effects (including ocean warming, ocean deoxygenation, and ocean acidification) are dramatically altering marine ecosystems. But we are still figuring out the how, how much, and why of these changes. Some perspectives on what we know and what we still need to know." (via MEAM)

The EBM Toolbox: New tools, resources, and initiatives for dealing with the effects of climate change on ocean ecosystems and communities (via MEAM)


Ecological “law” turns out to just be the result of us fishing

New research is breaking down Heincke's law. Instead of previous assumptions that older fish preferred deeper depths because of societal shunning or temperature, these fish are most likely traveling deep to escape from being food for us. Live and learn, fish style. (via Ars Technica

I asked 15 ocean plastic pollution experts about the Ocean Cleanup project, and they have concerns

Southern Fried Science dives into the effectiveness of the Ocean Cleanup Project through comparing responses from an interview with the COO of the Project against ocean plastic experts. Let's just say, most experts are wary of the Project's usefulness.  (via SouthernFriedScience).

In other News this week

  • Supreme Court tie favors Indian tribes in Washington state culvert fight via Seattle Times
  • National Geographic Awards Innovators Combating Illegal Fishing via Maritime Executive
  • Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade. If that continues, we are in serious trouble. via Washington Post
  • Scientists at USGS face new scrutiny on research presentations via Washington Post
  • Mysterious masses of seaweed assault Caribbean islands via Science

30 new Literature items this week

  • Frontiers in Marine Science has published The Use of Aquatic Mammals for Bait in Global Fisheries (https://oct.to/OC1413).
  • Fisheries has released The Failure of Wild Salmon Management: Need for a Place-Based Conceptual Foundation (https://oct.to/OC1414).
  • Frontiers in Marine Science has published Biological Invasions in Conservation Planning: A Global Systematic Review (https://oct.to/OC1415).

1 new Webinar and 1 new Conference this week

  • Originally aired on 14 June, Finding the right 10%: Assessing MPA progress and the BlueBRIDGE platform presented by Miles Macmillan-Lawler of GRID-Arendal. (https://oct.to/OC1416)
  • Register for the Sixth World Ocean Summit to be held in Abu Dhabi. (https://oct.to/OC1417)

11 new Jobs and 1 new Grant this week

  • Oregon State University is hiring for a Coordinator - Research Program. For full consideration apply by 22 June! (https://oct.to/OC1418)
  • Northeastern University and The Nature Conservancy are jointly accepting applications for a Coastal Sustainability Fellow (https://oct.to/OC1419)
  • Apply to be a Habitat Policy Analyst with the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (https://oct.to/OC1420)
  • UNESCO calls for Expressions of Interest for their Consultation on Communication Grant. Due 28 June (https://oct.to/OC1421)