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In Chile in September at the Fourth International MPA Congress, there was a side event on satellite-based surveillance of illegal fisheries. It was unique in that there were several Chilean naval officers in uniform in the audience. And the first speaker offered what was perhaps the most memorable line of the conference: “Are we at a point where we may finally put the ‘P’ in MPA?”

MPA News

New ideas on how the social sciences could change ocean conservation

The current issue of Marine Ecosystems and Management, the sister newsletter of MPA News, features an article titled “New ideas on how the social sciences could change the way we do ocean conservation and management – and already are”. The article highlights ideas from 17 social science and interdisciplinary researchers worldwide.


Editor’s note: In most instances in this article, the term “value” is used to indicate the importance and/or usefulness of something and is not a reference to a strictly monetary value. Cultural ecosystem services (described briefly in the article) provide a useful typology for cultural values that the ocean holds for stakeholders.