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Managing Our Nation's Fisheries Conference Papers

Greetings OpenChannels Community Members,

In May 2013, the third Managing Our Nation’s Fisheries conference was held with the focus on "advancing sustainability." The speaker's papers are now available for your reading pleasure on the subjects of Improving Fishery Management Essentials, Advancing Ecosystem-based Decision Making, and Providing for Fishing Community Stability. You may download each batch of papers by session in the OpenChannels Literature Library.

Happy reading!
-Nick Wehner, OpenChannels Project Manager

Stakeholder Engagement: Participatory approaches for the planning and development of marine protected areas

Greetings OpenChannels Community Members,

A special thanks is in order for OpenChannels member Marina Gomei who submitted to us the new WWF report, Stakeholder Engagement: Participatory approaches for the planning and development of marine protected areas. You may download the free report in the OpenChannels Literature Library using the link above.

Happy reading!
-Nick Wehner, OpenChannels Project Manager

Marine protected area improves yield without disadvantaging fishers

Greetings OpenChannels Community Members,

It's been a busy week again with 19 new publications added to the OpenChannels Literature Library. One that is particularly worth the time to read is the latest from Nature Communications, Marine protected area improves yield without disadvantaging fishers. While it is not Open Access, the supplementary graphs and data are free to read. Nature Asia also summarized the article in a press release at

-Nick Wehner, OpenChannels Project Manager

Introducing the OpenChannels Literature Update

Greetings OpenChannels Community,

I would like to welcome you to the very first weekly OpenChannels Literature Update. We have heard from many of you that staying up-to-date with all the research going on in our field is quite burdensome. We hope this summary of the pervious week's academic journals, reports, and other publications that have been incorporated into the OpenChannels Literature Library will help make this task a bit easier.