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It was a lively debate with Bud Ehler and Tundi Agardy on ocean zoning in MSP

Greetings OpenChannels Community members,

If you missed the live online debate with Bud Ehler and Tundi Agardy on "Does marine spatial planning need to involve ocean zoning to be effective?" it is now archived at Bud and Tundi were very quick typists, and I thank them and all our live attendees for their active participation! If you have suggestions for future debates, I'd love to hear them. Please email me your ideas at nwehner [at]

Online Debate: Does marine spatial planning need to involve ocean zoning to be effective? With Bud Ehler and Tundi Agardy

Greetings OpenChannels Community members,

We have an exciting event planned for Tuesday, May 7, 2013, at noon EDT / 9 am PDT / 4 pm GMT, the inaugural online OpenChannels Debate with Bud Ehler and Tundi Agardy. These two experts will be taking sides on the question, "Does marine spatial planning need to involve ocean zoning to be effective?" @OpenChannelsOrg will be live-tweeting the event - follow us and take part in the live debate using #ocdebate. Audience members are encouraged to submit questions/comments, which may be thrown-in amongst the debaters' arguments. For full details, please visit

Mining Twitter for Marine Spatial Planning

Greetings OpenChannels Community members,

If you missed Wednesday's Office Hour on the Global Ocean Legacy project of The Pew Charitable Trusts, with Imogen Zethoven, it is now archived at And if you're wondering how to convey technically-difficult information to stakeholders in your planning process, Hedley Grantham, Director of Spatial Analysis and Planning at Conservation International, offers advice at

Voices in Ocean Planning: Lessons from Leaders

Greetings OpenChannels Community members,

I am pleased to announce today the availability of the "Voices in Ocean Planning: Lessons from Leaders" series. You may view the first set of 1-4 minute videos in the series at

The "Voices in Ocean Planning: Lessons from Leaders" video series, produced by OpenChannels and PacMARA, offers wisdom and guidance on ocean management from experienced professionals in our field. Advice on creating strong management plans in the face of budget uncertainties, engaging stakeholders in the planning process, enhancing communication skills within planning bodies, and more tips and insights are provided in this series.

Introducing the OpenChannels Weekly Update

Greetings OpenChannels Community Members,

I am pleased to announce the start of the weekly OpenChannels Update. There is new information added to OpenChannels every day, so we'll do our best to keep you apprised of the highlights. We'll give you the most popular new content each week across our different content areas. If you have info which you would like to share, please contribute to the community - just visit the homepage to begin, or email me at nwehner [at]

Two Events Today - Office Hour on SeaSketch and Live Streaming of MSP in the Netherlands

Greetings OpenChannels Community,

We have two events in store for today, Tuesday, February 19th:

At 1 pm EST / 10 am PST, we'll be having an Office Hour on SeaSketch with Will McClintock and Evan Paul of the Center for Marine Assessment and Planning. Office hour chats provide an opportunity for participants to ask panelists questions as well as share their own experiences and insights with panelists and other participants.

An Eventful Tuesday: Office Hour on SeaSketch and Presentation on MSP in the Netherlands

Greetings OpenChannels Members,

We have an event-full Tuesday on February 19th. At 1pm EST / 10am PST, there will be an Office Hour on SeaSketch, followed by our first-ever "live streaming" of David Goldsborough's presentation on MSP in the Netherlands at 6pm EST / 3pm PST. For full details, follow the links to the OpenChannels website.

Thursday: Office Hour on the Multipurpose Marine Cadastre

Greetings OpenChannels Member,

We thought you'd like to know that tomorrow (Thursday, January 17) at 2 pm EST / 11 am PST / 7 pm GMT we'll be having our next Office Hour with the team of the Multipurpose Marine Cadastre. Join Christine Taylor, Lead Physical Scientist, Mapping and Boundary Branch, BOEM; and, David Stein, Geographer, Geospatial Services Division, NOAA Coastal Services Center for a live text-based chat on the MMC's updated features.

Please help! Share your experiences with MSP tools in a short survey

Greetings OpenChannels Community,

The EBM Tools Network and OpenChannels are conducting a short survey of marine conservation and management practitioners about what tools, if any, they have actually used or are currently using in marine spatial planning processes. We would appreciate it if you would participate in this survey if you have been, or are currently involved in, a marine spatial planning process. You do not need to have used a tool to participate because we are interested in learning why projects have not used tools as well as why they have. The survey should take between 5 and 15 minutes. We would appreciate responses by January 18, 2013.

Upcoming Workshops and Webinars, and MSP in New England

Greetings OpenChannels Members,

OpenChannels and our friends at EBM Tools Network and Reef Resilience have a number of upcoming events that you might want to jot down in your calendars, and first on the list is one happening today!

Reef Resilience Webinar on Learning Exchanges - TODAY!

Tuesday, November 27th (today!) at 4:00 pm PST / 7:00 pm EST / 00:00 GMT