Algal Blooms and IPAs

Raye and Allie host episode 20 of OCTOPOD. Allie talks about the harmful effects of algal blooms on shellfish in the UK, while Raye brings up both good news and some bad. Additional mentions at the end for an upcoming webinar and volunteering to become a MarXiv ambassador!


Bryony L Townhill, Jonathan Tinker, Miranda Jones, Sophie Pitois, Veronique Creach, Stephen D Simpson, Stephen Dye, Elizabeth Bear, John K Pinnegar, Handling editor: Rubaro Ji; Harmful algal blooms and climate change: exploring future distribution changes, ICES Journal of Marine Science, Volume 75, Issue 6, 1 December 2018, Pages 1882–1893


Trump administration approves seismic tests that could harm thousands of Atlantic dolphins and whales via the Washington Post

Celebrating 20 years of Indigenous protected areas, a good news story in a week of turmoil via the Guardian


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Intro-Outro song by Kurt Vile, "I Wanted Everything". Want to listen to the full track? Find it here.

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