Conference Conversations with the Northwest Straits Commission

We had the awesome opportunity to record a podcast at the Northwest Straits Commission conference this year and we are so excited to share the talented and passionate people who help preserve and protect the Northwest Straits marine ecosystem. This episode features a mash-up of 9 interviews from a variety of roles and locations within the initiative. We focused on citizen (or community) science and in this episode we hope you all discover a new way to take action in your communities!

Mentioned resources:



    Jason Morgan from the Northwest Straits Foundation

  • Pete Haase from Skagit County MRC

  • Alan Clark from Clallam County MRC

  • Ron Thom from the Northwest Straits Commission

  • Emily Bishop from Jefferson County MRC

  • Phil Green from San Juan County MRC

  • Susan Tarpley from Snohomish County MRC

  • Eleanor Hines from Whatcom County MRC

  • Gwendolyn Hannam from Island County MRC

  • Elsa Schwartz from Island County MRC