Even Whales Get Earworms

In this episode, Raye and Nick discuss the insider revolt at Elsevier and then jest over musical oceanic earworms. 

Open Access in the EU

Following a formal complaint to the EU ombudsman: https://oct.to/pod46

Response to the complaint: response: https://oct.to/pod45

European Parliament petition: Remove Elsevier as the sole subcontractor for the EU Open Science Monitor -- https://oct.to/pod47

There’s been a widely-accepted proposal for standard citation data, called Open Citations. https://oct.to/pod48.

Open Science MOOC



Whales Remix Each Other’s Songs, Nearly 3,000 Miles Apart (via Atlas Obscura) https://oct.to/pod59

Other things we've been reading: 




Intro-Outro song by Kurt Vile, "I Wanted Everything". Want to listen to the full track? Find it here.

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