A MarXiv Surprise with Sea Cucumbers Inside!

In this episode it's Raye and Nick again. Nick describes some exciting MarXiv news and realizes he has commonalities with Raye over sea cucumbers. 

Nick’s MarXiv Mentions

Speak Up for Blue episode 687: Sharing Papers Open Access and Citation Hoarding

14-months of MarXiv

  • There are now 332 papers in MarXiv (up from 213 in July 2018)

  • cumulative downloads of MarXiv papers are currently 17,701

    • up from 9,113 in July 2018 -- an average of over 1,400 downloads a month

  • After 30 days, the average paper has 52 downloads

  • The cumulative cost-savings of these free downloads has now exceeded $650,000 (up from ~$125,000 in July 2018).

    • Half of the papers in MarXiv are pay-walled outside of the repository.

  • We also just simplified our documentation! https://www.marxivinfo.org/submission

MarXiv’s Future

  • Currently, our grant funding for MarXiv runs out at the end of September of this year

  • Starting January 2020, we’ll need to pay a yearly hosting fee to the Center for Open Science for MarXiv to remain open for new submissions -- with our current submission rate, that fee amounts to ~$20 a paper

  • Exploring alternatives like Zenodo

  • If you have suggestions for what the ideal MarXiv 2.0 should look like, let me know! nick [at] octogroup.org


Sea cucumbers bloat themselves to zoom around the ocean - via National Geographic https://oct.to/pod63

Intro-Outro song by Kurt Vile, "I Wanted Everything". Want to listen to the full track? Find it here.

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