A simple solution

In episode ten, Nick describes two MarXiv summaries, while Allie shares literature on the High Seas, and Raye brings a sad but hopeful note with news on the Salish Sea residential orca pods.

MarXiv Summaries

In some situations, simpler models can produce better forecastshttps://oct.to/pod11

Environmental stewardship contributes more to the Massachusetts economy than whale watching, fin-fish fisherieshttps://oct.to/pod12


High seas fisheries play a negligible role in addressing global food security

Authors: Laurenne Schiller, Megan Bailey , Jennifer Jacquet , Enric Sala



Dosed salmon, clipped fins, a ‘dinner bell’: How far is too far in helping starving orca? (via The Seattle Times)


Orca extinction is not an option (via The Seattle Times)