Sound, sand and bodies: whats happening in the ocean

In the ninth episode of OCTOPOD we discuss the latest in vessel noise on marine mammals, beach nourishment, and the newest in fish tracking technology. As well as, Nick brings up some MarXiv summary classics.

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MarXiv Summaries

Even in the remote South Pacific, fish are eating plastic – and so are the people who eat those fish

Marine ecosystems will soon start to feel the effects of climate change


Assessing vessel slowdown for reducing auditory masking for marine mammals and fish of the western Canadian Arctic. Authors: Matthew Pine, David Hannay, Stephen Insley, William Halliday, Francis Juanes

Beach nourishment is not a sustainable strategy to mitigate climate change. Authors: Randall Parkinson, Danielle Ogurcak


Fish body shape holds key to make fishery management cheaper, easier


Intro-Outrosong by Kurt Vile, "I Wanted Everything". Want to listen to the full track? Find it here.

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