While orca's gossip look out for predatory conferences

In this episode Raye and Nick talk news! Raye does an orca mash-up exposing her wish to be aquaman and Nick talks the dangers of online conference phishing. 

Puget Sound orcas have a lot to say. This woman is almost always listening. via KNKX

Killer Whales Are Insufferable Gossips via Hakai Magazine

Puget Sound’s southern-resident orcas wow Monterey Bay, California, in rare sighting via Seattle Times

FTC fines predatory publishers


Sci-Hub and Libgen blocked by French ISPs



Intro-Outro song by Kurt Vile, "I Wanted Everything". Want to listen to the full track? Find it here.

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You’ve quoted our April Fools story in your podcast. Thought you might like a heads up.



Tobin Stokes

Social Media Manager,

Hakai Magazine  

We got totally bamboozled over here! You all are too good! We will definitely be adding a disclaimer (embarrassed face) >.<

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