Salish Shes

The new, monthly Salish Shes podcast will explore the environment, people, politics, scandals, history, and creatures of the beautiful and economically vital Salish Sea, which includes Puget Sound. Episodes will feature guest experts on an array of topics with fun and informative discussions.

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Episode 3: Spooptacular- the part one of two!

In one of the most exciting episodes for Raye and Beth, they dive into the poo-litics over the Victoria Sewage Treatment Plant on Vancouver Island. Featuring two guest experts: Jim McIsaac of the T. Buck Suzuki Foundation and Mr. Floatie the former turd persona and spokesman for the sewage treatment plant, we know this episode will certainly not stink.

Episode 1: Go Fish!

This first episode “Go Fish!” examines the fascinating backstory on Puget Sound’s new salmon net-pen ban, including the infamous Cooke Aquaculture escape and a down-to-the-wire legislative fight. Guests are Seattle Times writer Lynda Mapes and WA State Senator Kevin Ranker.