Tool Resources

Decision Guide: Selecting Decision Support Tools for Marine Spatial Planning

  • Instructional guide from the Center for Ocean Solutions which is intended to assist practitioners in selecting appropriate decision support tools that can help them conduct marine spatial planning in their own jurisdictions.

EBM Tools Network

  • The Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) Tools Network is one of the premier sources of information about coastal and marine planning and management tools in the United States and internationally. Coastal and marine planning and management tools help practitioners incorporate scientific and socioeconomic information into decision making. The mission of the Network is to promote healthy coastal and marine ecosystems and communities through the use of tools that help incorporate ecosystem considerations into management.

Marine Planning

  • The Marine Planning website helps marine and coastal decision-makers navigate real-world challenges and reach effective solutions. It is produced by The Nature Conservancy - Global Marine Initiative in partnership with EBM Tools Network, Ecotrust - Marine Planning, NOAA, the Sea Around Us Project, and the University of Queensland - Marxan.

Marxan Resources and Training

  • Training for the decision support tool, Marxan, provided by PacMARA: the Pacific Marine Analysis & Research Association.

NOAA Digital Coast: Tools

  • ​The Digital Coast provides the tools, training, and information needed to turn data into the information most needed by coastal resource management professionals. While the need for good geospatial data forms the foundation of the Digital Coast, the basic premise of the site is the understanding that data alone are not enough. People need the associated tools, training, and information that turn data into information capable of making a difference. And people want this information in one connected package that is easy to use. Digital Coast does just that.