Top 10 Publications on Marine Protected Areas, by Category

As ranked by John B. Davis, Editor, MPA News

Category: General information
Guidelines for Marine Protected Areas (Graeme Kelleher, editor, IUCN, 1999)

Honorable mention:

Category: Global status of MPAs
Global Ocean Protection: Present Status and Future Possibilities (IUCN/The Nature Conservancy/UNEP, 2010)

Category: MPA training guides
(tie) Training of Trainers on Marine Protected Areas Management in the Caribbean, 2007 edition
(tie) Managing Marine Protected Areas: A Toolkit for the Western Indian Ocean (WIOMSA)

Honorable mention:

Category: Science of marine reserves
Science of Marine Reserves (PISCO)

Honorable mention:

Category: Finance
Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas: A Global Review of Challenges and Options (IUCN, 2006)

Honorable mention:

Category: Species-specific MPAs
Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises (Erich Hoyt, Earthscan, 2011)

Category: Enforcement
Surveillance and Enforcement of Remote Maritime Areas (SERMA). Surveillance Technical Options (2010)

Category: Site-level experiences
Annual reports of the Locally-Managed Marine Areas Network

Honorable mention:

Category: Atlas
Atlas of Coral Reef Protected Areas in Brazil, 2nd Edition

Note: John Davis is editor of MPA News (, the global information service on marine protected areas. It has more than 5000 subscribers from over 120 countries, and more than 400,000 copies of the newsletter have been downloaded over the past decade.

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