Top 14 Publications on Coral Reef Management

As ranked by Tim McClanahan, Wildlife Conservation Society

The following are in no particular order:

This book by Sale has probably sold the most copies in the field. It has gone through two editions or more and is in paperback, which is all very unusual for our discipline.

This book by Birkeland is probably the second-most read by the field.

We have done three books on coral reefs:

I assume the 2012 book will have the broadest appeal and it is getting good reviews.

Then this is for a more conservation-oriented angle:

These are a bit more specialized but would be useful for those interested in the sub-disciplines:

The following is a good source book for basic coral reef information:

I consider the following to be some of the most important peer-reviewed papers on coral reefs:

Note: Tim McClanahan is a Kenya-based coral biologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society. He has published nearly 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and written or edited dozens of other publications.

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