Can the oceans contribute more to our food security?

11-21 June 2018
Bergen, Norway
Training Provider(s): 
University of Bergen


During the course we will dive into the recent review of the topic: Food from the oceans. How can more food and biomass be obtained from the oceans in a way that does not deprive future generations of their benefits? High-Level Group of Scientific Advisors Scientific Opinion No. 3/2017. The rest of the reading list is scientific articles with an impact on the main conclusions for this report.

The course targets PhD candidates interested in oceanography, marine ecosystems, fisheries and aquaculture. It is a two-week course including plenary activities and lectures in addition to presentations of students’ own papers. The course aims at active learning activities where students contribute presentations, discussions, and practical work in the lab or field, under guidance of marine researchers and scientists. It is highly relevant to students in a broad range of disciplines, and directed towards societal problems and management challenges related to the oceans in a global perspective.

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15 February 2018

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