Great Bear Sea: Reflecting on the Past – Planning for the Future Curriculum

Online, Available for download
Training Provider(s): 
Green Fire Productions

Description: Utilizing The Great Bear Sea film, the Great Bear Sea: Reflecting on the Past—Planning for the Future Curriculum focuses on marine planning, marine stewardship, and incorporates place-based and First Nation learning strategies. Key principles guiding the curriculum development include: Collaborative science using an inquiry-based approach; building personal connections; and fostering the next generation in respect of place and marine stewardship principles. The Great Bear Sea curriculum materials have been developed to specifically address the new curriculum in British Columbia at the elementary and secondary levels. The curriculum is available free of charge and includes printed resources, USB drives with electronic document and video files and online resources.

Provider: Green Fire Productions

Contact: Karen Anspacher-Meyer, karen [at]

Target audience: Elementary, secondary and post-secondary students

Format: Printed, USB drive, and online

Costs and conditions for participating: Free

Regions/countries where offered: Worldwide