Marine Spatial Planning Challenge 2050 Sessions

On demand
Training Provider(s): 
Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (the Netherlands), Rijkswaterstaat, Signature Games

Description: The Marine Spatial Planning Challenge 2050 is a computer supported simulation-game that gives maritime spatial planners insight in the diverse challenges of sustainable planning of human activities in the marine and coastal ecosystem. The objective of the simulation-game is to significantly contribute to policy learning and international planning practices with regard to integrated (eco-based) Marine Spatial Planning. The game makes players try, experience failure and success, and reflect upon questions such as: What are possible futures for the North Sea (2050)? What are the long term consequences of short term decisions? What are important indicators for the effectiveness of MSP, and how do we monitor them? What are the interdependencies of sectorial and national policies? Where are the significant conflicts and trade-offs among competing economic activities? Where and how can economic activities be combined or integrated? Where are the cumulative effects of economic activities upon marine ecology? Where are the ecologically vulnerable areas, and what can be done to protect them? Where and how is cross national consultation and coordination needed? What policies or institutions can be designed to make MSP more effective, more integrated, more sustainable? What is the role of digital data and interactive planning tools in MSP?