Marine Systems and Policies (MSc)

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Training Provider(s): 
University of Edinburgh

Provider: University of Edinburgh

Description: The MSc in Marine Systems and Policies is unique across Europe and beyond as it embraces a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to understand the functionality of marine environments, and the roles humans play in relying upon marine ecosystems for survival and prosperity. This MSc approaches marine systems as an integrated socio-ecological system through focusing on three critical spheres of marine systems dynamics:

  • Marine natural systems: Exploring diverse scales and functions of key marine biomes, habitats and species, spanning: islands, coasts, estuaries, continental shelves, polar seas and global oceans.
  • Marine policy systems: Examining different approaches to marine spatial planning and governance of marine ecosystems and services, through formal policies, laws and informal customs practices.
  • Marine built systems: Exploring ‘blue growth’ opportunities – e.g. the ingenuity and impact of human built environments in marine settings, from reshaping coastlines for cities, travel and trade, to the urbanization of ocean environments through innovations in energy infrastructure.

This philosophy of this MSc is to move beyond traditional disciplinary paradigms, seeking integrated approaches to learning, problem solving and critical thinking. A combination of core courses, optional courses and field work enables you to develop skills and capacities around personal intellectual, analytical, practical, methodological and experiential goals.