Marxan for Managers Workshop

On demand
Training Provider(s): 

Provider: Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Association (PacMARA)

Contact: Norma Serra, nserra [at]

Learning objective: During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the practical and managerial sides of Marxan and Marxan with Zones through a set of presentations and discussions. This workshop covers the questions of when, where, and why to use Marxan and other decision support tools in marine, coastal, and terrestrial resource and conservation planning. Key approaches and tools, stakeholder considerations, planning with uncertainty, essential elements of successful planning processes, and case studies of initiatives around the world are highlighted and explained. Using Marxan (or Marxan with Zones), planners can identify an efficient system of reserve sites, or any other type of spatial planning systems, that includes a suite of biodiversity and/or human use targets at a minimal cost. Marxan is one of the most widely used conservation planning tools, as it provides a systematic and repeatable method for designing reserve networks. Note that this is NOT a hands-on technical course.

Structure and content: The following topics are discussed in a Marxan for Managers workshop, although each offering will be tailored to the specific interests, mandates, and problems of the group:

  • Key concepts in systematic conservation planning
  • Setting targets
  • Stakeholder interactions
  • Determining which costs to consider
  • Understanding and using Marxan results

Workshops can also be combined with 2-3 day hands-on Introduction to Marxan courses, or one-day less technical explorations of the software.

Target audience: Marine, coastal, and/or terrestrial managers and planners; anyone wanting to learn about the practical/managerial side of Marxan, including outputs and its role in a planning process

Format: In person

Type of course: Workshop on the practical/managerial side of decision support tools

Number of participants: Widely variable

Costs and conditions for participating: Workshops are usually $325 per person for one-day. Please contact Norma Serra for information on cost and participation pre-requisites.

Duration: 1/2 – 2 days, usually 1 day

Frequency: Variable

Any upcoming dates (or when available): Please contact Norma Serra for more information.

Regions/countries where offered: Workshops are offered anywhere in the world. Please contact Norma Serra if you wish to organize one in your area.

Available trainers per region: Trainers travel to workshops. Contact Norma Serra for trainer information on.