Remote Sensing and Mapping for Coral Reef Conservation

2 - 23 March 2021
Training Provider(s): 
Reef Resilience Network

The Reef Resilience Network is inviting you to take their new online mentored course on Remote Sensing and Mapping for Coral Reef Conservation held over the course of four weeks from March 2 to 23. This (free) course  is designed to help marine managers, conservation practitioners, scientists, decision makers, and GIS professionals explore how remote sensing and mapping technologies can inform their conservation work and understand which tools are best suited to their needs. It features self-paced lessons, webinars, online discussion on the Reef Resilience Network Forum, and direct access to leading coral reef mapping experts.

In this course, users will learn key concepts of remote sensing and reef mapping, and their applications for marine conservation. Users will explore the Allen Coral Atlas, a powerful new tool providing access to high-resolution maps of the world’s coral reef habitats, as well as other new technologies to map and monitor coral reefs.

Course registration is open and will close March 3. The course is held over four weeks March 2 - 23 with four webinars.

To register, learn more about the course and find the webinar dates and time, please follow this link: