Insights from Leaders: Practical Solutions on Ocean Planning

The "Insights from Leaders: Practical Solutions on Ocean Planning" video series, produced by Green Fire Productions in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Center and RI Sea Grant, offers wisdom and guidance on ocean management from experienced professionals in our field. Advice on creating strong management plans in the face of budget uncertainties, engaging stakeholders in the planning process, enhancing communication skills within planning bodies, and more tips and insights are provided in this series. All interviews were filmed at the 14th Annual Ronald C. Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium on marine spatial planning in October, 2015.

The videos are divided into 10 themes:

  1. Sustainably Engaging Stakeholders
  2. Implementing MSP
  3. Using MSP to Respond to New and Emerging Issues
  4. Building and Sustaining Relationships
  5. Integrating MSP into the Mainstream
  6. Communicating the Value of MSP
  7. Managing Expectations
  8. Sustaining Leadership
  9. How to Apply Creativity and Agility to Coastal Management
  10. The Importance of Updating Your Plan