Evaluating Conservation and Management Efforts through an Eco-Audit

Evaluating Conservation and Management Efforts through an Eco-Audit

In an era of diverse and potentially conflicting uses of ocean resources, successful implementation of EBM requires a means to assess ecosystem status and evaluate tradeoffs inherent in the management of ecosystems.  Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) is a process for achieving these two goals. IEAs synthesize information about the biophysical and human dimensions of an ecosystem and evaluate the impacts of multiple ecosystem threats on the ability to achieve desired ecosystem states. They assess risk, evaluate tradeoffs between management options, and assess how management decisions are working. This presentation will cover the IEA approach with an emphasis on the development and implementation of an IEA for the California Current. Learn more about the IEA approach at www.noaa.gov/iea.>


Dear Open Channels team,

First of all I would like to thank you for making all these webinars available to everyone, since it is very important to share the knowledge amongst us and the general public.

This webinar in particular appears to be incomplete because it stops suddenly while the presenter is speaking and showing a new slide. Could you please review it and see if you have the missing part of it?


Many thanks for your work.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for catching that for us - but unfortunately, we don't have any additional copies of the webinar.  The only recording of it from GoToWebinar is corrupt. It's crashes my video player at the same point it cuts out from Vimeo.  You might want to download the original copy from the EBM Tools Network at http://www.ebmtools.org/evaluating-conservation-and-management-efforts-through-eco-audit-melanie-mcfield-healthy-reefs-ini-0 and see if you can get that file to play. Perhaps it would work on your computer? Do let me know if you can get that one to play.

Nick Wehner, OpenChannels Project Manager

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