Incorporating Climate Data and Forecasting Models into Decision Making for Living Marine Resources

This webinar originally aired on October 30, 2013. 

A changing climate has been shown to have broad effects on a variety of living marine resources. Understanding how these changes will impact future distribution, abundance and resilience of marine species is important for implementing ocean resource management plans. However, data on climate rarely are used when forming new regulations, with barriers to incorporation existing at all levels in the decision making process. This webinar will be an informational session to identify and discuss the potential use and possible barriers to incorporating climate forecasting models into the management of living marine resources. Interactive participation by all attendees in the discussion is highly encouraged. In addition, a follow-on survey will seek input from marine managers and decision makers to more clearly identify the potential uses and possible barriers to using climate forecasts in the management of marine species. Outcomes from this webinar and survey will provide information directly to the NASA ecological forecasting team and relevant federal agencies. Learn more at

Presented by Pat Halpin of Duke.

This webinar is co-sponsored by OpenChannels, the EBM Tools Network and EcoAdapt.

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