Presentation on MSP in the Netherlands by David Goldsborough, Centre for Marine Policy

Presentation on MSP in the Netherlands by David Goldsborough, Centre for Marine Policy

David Goldsborough is a senior researcher from the Netherlands working on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and cross-border marine policy issues on the North Sea. David presented a short seminar from the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs (SMEA) at the University of Washington, discussing recent findings from an EU-funded study on cross-border Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) on the North Sea, on 19 February 2013.

Abstract of the MASPNOSE presentation

MASPNOSE facilitated two concrete, cross-border MSP case studies on the North Sea: 1) the Belgian-Dutch collaboration on the Thornton Bank in the southern North Sea, and 2) the development of an international fisheries management plan for the Dogger Bank. When addressing cross-border MSP situations, it is important to distinguish between informing, consulting and coordinating. Key findings of the project are that the cross-border aspects of MSP in the North Sea provide particular challenges such as process transparency. For such situations is essential to develop overarching process architecture with mandate and quality assurance and an appropriate method for differentiating between front stage and back stage transparency.

Short bio on David Goldsborough

David has a degree in environmental science (1987) and the first years of his career were spent working primarily in the international arena of soil contamination; developing risk assessment models and teaching consultants and students how to carry out structured and transparent risk assessments. In the following period of his career David concentrated on teaching in environmental science with emphasis on ecological and water management modelling, and GIS. In 2002 David switched to coastal zone management and in the following years he lectured on a wide array of marine topics such as ICZM, Recreation & Tourism, Interactive Planning, Ports - Marine transport and Logistics, Fisheries, and Stake Holder Analyses. From 2004 till 2008 David was also coordinator of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management bachelor programme at Van Hall Larenstein, part of Wageningen University and Research Centre, in the Netherlands. During 2008-2009 David dedicated part of his time setting up the Centre for Marine Policy in close collaboration with Martin Pastoors (IMARES Wageningen UR). Since 2009 he has almost exclusively been working for the Centre for Marine Policy as a senior researcher working predominantly on Maritime Spatial Planning in the EU funded projects MASPNOSE and MESMA. In the past year a large amount of his time was dedicated to facilitating and supporting the North Sea Regional Advisory Council in producing a Fisheries management plan in relation to nature conservation for the cross border Dogger Bank SACs (Special Areas of Conservation) in the North Sea. His main research interests are: science-policy, trans disciplinary research, marine governance and interactive planning.

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