Where's My Fish? New Tools to Visualize Climate and Other Impacts on Marine Animals

Where's My Fish New Tools to Visualize Climate and Other Impacts on Marine Animals

This webinar originally aired on 21 April 2015.

By 2100, ocean waters are expected to be substantially warmer than they are today, with profound effects on fisheries. One of the most commonly observed impacts of climate change is through shifts in species distributions, and recent evidence suggests that marine fish and invertebrates closely follow climate velocity (the rate and direction that isotherms move across the seascape). Despite broad recognition of impacts, however, incorporating climate considerations into fisheries management has been challenging. Here, we describe a new web-based tool that will help managers, scientists, fishermen, and the public track shifts in the distribution of the nation’s marine fish and other animals with changing ocean conditions. The OceanAdapt website is the result of a partnership between NOAA Fisheries and Rutgers University that annually aggregates marine biological survey data from around North America. The effort is part of the growing trend towards open science and can help in the preparation of climate vulnerability analyses or in the prioritization of species for more focused adaptation efforts. Learn more about OceanAdapt at http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/stories/2014/12/oceanadapt_trackingfish.html.

This webinar was presented by Malin Pinsky of Rutgers University, and it was co-sponsored by the EBM Tools Network.


Vimeo is blocked by the Indonesian censor (Internet Positif) - so it is impossible to view or download this and all other vimeo videos! Is there any chance of viewing Open Channels webinar videos in some other medium?

Hey Abigail,

That's definitely a problem! I've heard of Vimeo blocking in Indonesia before, but thought it was just selected videos, not the whole service. I'm uploading our webinar archives to our YouTube channel now starting with the most recent ones. You can find our channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPBHFN-LvAPNqTC6MZmVNVg. I'll probably just finish off 2014, so let me know if there are any older videos you'd also like access to. 


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