Demonstrating Relevance: Applying Lessons on Management Effectiveness at Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary

This webinar originally aired on 8 December 2016.

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is a small, remote marine protected area off the coast of Georgia that hosts a vibrant and diverse community of marine life. The reef's scattered rocky outcroppings and ledges provide home for an abundance of marine life including over 200 species of fish and more than 900 species of invertebrates. While the sanctuary protects an abundance of marine life, very few people know about it, and even fewer visit. With few users and very little awareness the sanctuary even exists, sanctuary staff began an evaluation process to examine the MPA's relevance and how to move the site forward into the future. This webinar will describe how the site designed and completed an analysis of the sanctuary's education, outreach and resource protection programs and how staff are working to bring more awareness to a small, remote marine protected area and ensure management effectiveness.

This webinar was presented by Sarah Fangman of NOAA. The webinar was co-sponsored by the NOAA National MPA Center, MPA News, and the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by NatureServe and

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