Best Practices on Sustainable Shark and Ray Tourism

Best Practices on Sustainable Shark and Ray Tourism

This webinar originally aired on 13 September 2016.

WWF, Manta Trust, and Project Aware have collaborated to produce a guide to sustainable shark and ray tourism operations and factsheets that describe three shark and ray tourism sites that utilize MPAs and innovative financing. The webinar will introduce the new guide which is due to be released in late 2016, opportunities to take part in training on the guide, and the factsheets.

This webinar was presented by Isabel Ender of Manta Trust and Andy Cornish of WWF. It was co-sponsored by the MPA Action Agenda, MPA News, and the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by NatureServe and


Websites already available for those wanting to know which operators are conducting or at least aiming to conduct safe and sustainable shark tourism operations.

1. Sustainable shark diving website (

Website launched earlier this year by researcher Rick Macpherson. I imagine that with time this website is likely to reflect a TripAdvisor style base for shark tourism enthusiasts. 

2. Global Shark Diving Alliance ( )

This website was developed by an alliance between operators, from all parts of the globe, to ensure and promote safe, sustainable shark tourism practices. It is a good first stop for people wishing to dive with a "reputable" operation whilst overseas. It would also be a good first stop for researchers working on the topic as well.

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