Certification of small-scale fisheries in developing countries: Opportunities and challenges

Certification of small-scale fisheries in developing countries: Opportunities and challenges

This webinar originally aired on 27 July 2017.

The webinar will provide an overview on fisheries certification, discuss its applicability for small-scale fisheries in developing country contexts, and analyze alternative approaches that may provide similar benefits and promote the sustainability of fisheries. We will discuss the following key points:

  • Benefits and deficits of certification schemes to promote ecological, economic and social sustainability of fisheries.
  • Present solution examples at different scales.
  • Discuss suitable options where different certification schemes can be successfully applied, e.g. artisanal-industrial fisheries, local-international fleets/markets, development-industrialized country contexts.

About the PANORAMA webinar series hosted by Blue Solutions: Blue Solutions provides a global knowledge network and capacity development platform to collate, share, and generate solutions for effective management and equitable governance of our planet’s marine and coastal living spaces, and to develop capacity for the ocean community on the initiative’s priority topics. This webinar series offers an innovative capacity development format as part of the broader PANORAMA webinar series. It highlights solutions related to different priority themes in the Blue Solutions Initiative focusing on marine and coastal ecosystems and “blue solutions” from all over our planet.

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  • Audun Lem (FAO) – Keynote
  • Hoyt Peckham (SmartFish) and Ben Scheelk (The Ocean Foundation) – Reduce Overfishing and Improving Livelihood of Artisanal Fishers - SmartFish (Mexico)
  • Camila Zambrano Esguerra (Fondo Acción) – EcoGourmet: Bringing sustainable fish to your plate (Colombia)

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