Making Your Research Freely-Available with MarXiv: The (free!) research repository for ocean and climate-change science

Making Your Research Freely-Available with Marxiv: The (free!) research repository for ocean and climate-change science

This webinar originally aired on 14 November 2017. 

Ocean managers, policymakers, and NGOs routinely face barriers to scientific knowledge: they simply can't afford costly subscriptions to traditional peer-reviewed academic journals. Studies have found that these financial barriers result in less primary science being used in on-the-ground environmental management plans.

MarXiv offers a way to increase access to pay-walled academic literature in a legal manner. An author who retains copyright on their submitted manuscript, known colloquially as a preprint, may upload the manuscript to MarXiv. Anyone may then download and read the preprint free of charge, legally, forever. No more time wasted begging the author for a copy, and no need to "pirate" the research in a not-so-legal manner.

Join us for a tour of MarXiv: the (free!) preprint service for the ocean and climate-change sciences. Nick will explain what preprints are, how you can tell when/if you can share your preprint on MarXiv, and explain ways the MarXiv Team will promote your research — including summarizing preprints for managers and policymakers.

This webinar was presented by Nick Wehner, Project Director of MarXiv and Director of Open Initiatives at OCTO. Webinar co-sponsored by the EBM Tools Network (co-coordinated by NatureServe and OCTO).

Please note that the URLs for MarXiv have changed! Documentation is now available at while the repository is now located at