Toolkit for Engaging Local Communities in MPA Management

Toolkit for Engaging Local Communities in MPA Management

This webinar originally aired on April 10, 2014.

This webinar will present a toolkit to enhance the capacity of marine protected areas to effectively engage with local communities. Based on interviews with MPA managers, staff, and community members from across the United States, the toolkit addresses topics including building trust and understanding with community members, increasing collaboration with communities, increasing awareness and knowledge of protected areas, and fostering stewardship behavior. It was developed by graduate students from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment in collaboration with NOAA's National Marine Protected Areas Center.

This webinar was presented by Matt Ferris-Smith, Samantha Miller, Joe Otts, and Michelle Zilinkskas of the University of Michigan and it was co-sponsored by the NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center, EBM Tools Network, and MPA News.

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